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Single Color LED Dimmer

The LED dimmer is a controller used to adjust brightness infinitely.
Part Number: GM-PSB12V-RNAX

Technical Specifications of the Single Color LED Dimmer
1. Output Voltage: 12V DC
2. Output Current: 6A (Max)
3. Connect Mode: Common Anode and Common Cathode are available.
4. Working Temperature: -20~60C
5. IRDA remote control function. One remote can control many units.

The Key-Press Functions are Shown in the Table Below (In Accordance With the Key Position Order)

Off On
Static 100% brightness Static 50% brightness Clear Gradual change
Static 90% brightness Static 40% brightness 1HZ flash 20s cycle
Static 80% brightness Static 30% brightness 2HZ flash 15s cycle
Static 70% brightness Static 20% brightness 3HZ flash 10s cycle
Static 60% brightness Static 10% brightness FF 5s cycle

GangMing is a professional single color LED dimmer manufacturer based in China. The wide variety of products we offer includes LED flood light, LED spotlight, LED strip light, LED ceiling light, LED downlight, LED PAR light, and more.

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  • Single Color LED DimmerOutput Voltage: 12V DC
    Output Current: 6A (Max)
    Connect Mode: Common Anode and Common Cathode are available.
    Working Temperature: -20~60C
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