LED Amplifier

1. The LED amplifier is used for RGB LED strip and single color LED strips.
2. The LED amplifier is an additional accessory working with our ir LED controllers. With these amplifiers, it will add more fun to color playing with more powerful lighting!
3. It is used to receive a signal from the LED controller and send out the signal to another group of LED source

Technical Specifications of the LED Amplifier
Working Temperature: -20-60℃
In/output Voltage: DC12V; DC24V
Dimensions: 95*65*24mm
Connecting Mode: Common anode or common cathode
Max Load Current: 4A for each color
Output Power: 12V: <144W, 24V: <288W

The LED amplifier is used in RGB LED strips and single color LED strips.

GangMing is a professional LED amplifier manufacturer based in China. We offer various types of products such as high brightness LED flood light 100W, 5050 RGB LED strip light, 6W high power LED spotlight, and LED strip connector.

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