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Remote LED Controller

The LED 44 keys remote controller is dedicated to adjusting the brightness of LED lights, which has the most advanced PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) digital brightness-adjusting technology at present. Users can either operate manually or use the IR wireless remote controller to control the brightness in the distance.

Technical Specifications of the Remote LED Controller

Supply Voltage DC5V, 12V, 24V
Size L125*W56*H7mm
Net Weight 60g
Gross Weight 70g
Output Power 5V: <30W, 12V: <72W, 24V: <144W
Output Three CMOS drain - open output
Output Current <2A (each channel)
Connecting Mode Common anode/cathode
Working Temperature -20-60℃

The key-press functions are shown in the table below (in accordance with the key position order):

Brightness Rise (a total of eight grading) Brightness Fall (a total of eight grading) Pause/Run On/Off
Static red Static green Static blue Static white
Static orange Static light green Static dark blue Static milk white
Static dark yellow Static cyan Static lyons blue Static white pink
Static yellow Static light blue Static purple Static green-white
Static light yellow Static sky blue Static brown Static blue white
Increase red Increase green Increase blue Speed up
Decrease red Decrease green Decrease blue Speed-down
DIY Key1 DIY key2 DIY key3 Automatic change
DIY Key4 DIY key5 DIY key6 Flash on and off
3 color jumpy change 7 color jumpy change 3 color fade change 7 color fade change

The remote LED controller is used in LED strip lights, rigid LED strip lights, etc.

GangMing is a China-based remote LED controller manufacturer. We provide a broad range of products, including SMD 3528 LED strip light, waterproof SMD LED strip connector, 6W high power LED spotlight, 5050 RGB LED strip light, and more.

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